Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Santa Fe Turquoise: Lyndhurst, May 1,2,3

Here are two new pieces with Santa Fe stones: Chinese Turquoise and sterling silver. The top is from the Time Traveler Series, like a small astrolabe guiding one through the stars. The bottom is from the new Navigator Series, comparable to a compass showing a focused direction. See both these pieces at the Lyndhurst Artrider Fine Arts and Crafts Show, May 1,2,3, in Tarreytown. Located on Rt. 9, on the site of the Lyndhurst Mansion, it's a wonderful show featuring the top art & craft in the nation. I hope to see you there.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gallery Opening

Last night's opening at Ironwood Gallery was truly magical. My work was displayed beautifully. I met many new people, old friends, and even one man who knew my work from the art shows that I did in the Chicago area during the '90s!! Amazing how syncronicity brings people together again...and then again. Dinner at the Italian restaurant around the corner, Insieme, was fantastic. Again, this all takes place at 103 Danbury Rd, Copps Hill Commons, Ridgefield, Ct. I'm so happy to be represented by this wonderful gallery, run by the great couple, Betsy & Richard.