Saturday, August 30, 2008

Forest was Alive

Yesterday, while Dave worked on rebuilding our deck that we discovered was built with untreated wood, out trotted 3 deer. One with antlers, one young female, and a spotted fawn prancing & leaping, all headed towards our apple trees. They weren't timid with us being right there, 20 feet away. They hung around, in & out of the forest, for the better part of the day. Then a yellow chested Marmot wandered out, eating his way over to our apples also. Cute, big like a woodchuck, with a black mask face, striped body, black furry tail. We did look this up in our Ct. animals resource. At the end of the day, with the garage doors open, an iridescent green hummingbird flew into the window area, and couldn't find the way out! He kept flying into the window. With some gentle guidance with a broom, we got him into a bucket, clamped a cardboard on the bottom, and took it far out into the yard. He laid there, and we thought maybe he had a heart attack or something, but finally saw him blink. After a few moments, he stood up, and flew off to live another day.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wonderful Tapas Bar

While in Philly, Dave & I walked the historic district, and discovered THE MOST WONDERFUL TAPAS BAR ever!!! The atmosphere was dark wood, dim lights, candles, and fantastic aromas. This was Sunday evening, after the show. Amada, 217 Chestnut Street, 215-625-2450, We had the the greatest artichoke with perfectly melted manchengo cheese, skewers of roasted chicken with sweet peppers, roasted mushrooms with eggplant, and platter of cheeses and nuts antipasto, complimented with the smoothest Calatayund, Petit Verdot, Langa 2005. The staff, timing of each dish, presentation, and ambiance were superb. We can't wait return.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wholesale NEW One-of-a-Kind Show NY

Great new Show added onto the scene! Held at NY's Merchandise Mart, 7 W. 34th St, 11th Floor, these people really know how to treat their buyers!!! Mimosa's were flowing, Free lunch provided, $10 back for any Grand Central train ticket shown, free coffee, water, snacks, and great, roomy ambiance. Since it's the same week-end as the NY Gift show, buyers don't have to go far for the experience. Start at the One of a Kind, then take either their free cute trolley shuttles to the Javits Center, OR a free limo to the piers!! Have Fun!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's interesting, but a letter from my Aunt, definitively stating the nationality of my paternal grandmother, has led me on a Odyssey. The map of 1910 Europe, is anything but definitive! Borders flow, nationalities changed from one village to another. Bottom line, every country has been overrun by many others. We have become truly a global race. We are our language, our beliefs, our traditions, our memories, plus what ever we want to be. We are all of it, and we are none of it. It's all another creation, a play we participate in for awhile. It's all choice.

"We've already entered the era of extreme transparency and given the widespread of technology, our clarity of vision can only expand. With the once shrouded world bathed in so much light, it would...'be fruitless to try to hamper how we look at the Earth from non sovereign space.' GeoEye VP Mark Brender, Discover Aug. 08

Technology mirrors Consciousness

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby racoons found the leftover bread!!

Philly Show

What an experience!! Met great artists and buyers, experienced an easy move in/out, and now comes the follow up with contacts, and filling orders. I've learned advertising is a must, and show specials (where items are grouped in collections for the buyers) go a long way toward making sales.

I buy my "green" silver and gold from Hoover & Strong (environmentally conscious processing!), with some product from Rio Grande and Fire Mountain Gems. Pioneer Gem Corporation, out of Auburn, Wa., provides some great gemstones with very competitive pricing. Another is Kingsley North Inc., in Michigan, for quality small stones.

Now to get orders filled, and work ready for upcoming Holiday shows. Just keep on Keepin On.